Leoch Batteries

Leoch Batteries

Leoch Battery UK is one of the UK’s leading battery specialists.  Our operations are backed by a total of 100 collective years of staff experience in the battery industry, supplying products for an impressive host of applications and markets, in both industrial and lifestyle categories.

Leoch Battery UK was fully acquired by Leoch International Holding Ltd in March 2020. We’re delighted to have become fully integrated into the battery superpower that is Leoch, enabling our customers to experience even greater access to battery production, Research & Development capabilities and ensuring we remain right at the forefront of the UK’s ever evolving battery market.

We are also pleased to represent US-based lithium ion battery distributor RELiON Battery: the green energy source of the future can provide up to 10 times the cycles of lead acid alternatives.

Leoch Battery UK is committed to providing the highest quality products and optimum levels of service.  

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