Battery Services – Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries

Batteries don’t last forever!

Batteries have a specific “Design Life” which is determined by the quality of the construction.

For UPS and Telecoms systems the vast majority of batteries used are either General Purpose 3 – 5 year design life or higher specification 10 year design life monoblocs.

The General purpose batteries are normally smaller batteries (7 to 65Ah) used in low power UPS for AC systems.

10 year design life batteries are fairly standard for DC telecommunication systems (iSDX, Realitis, Hi-Com etc.) and Large UPS systems.

However, the Design Life of a battery can be dramatically effected by its operating environment; the average ambient temperature being a major factor in the battery life actually achieved.

Ensuring reliable operation.

An annual battery test by experienced battery engineers is recommended.

These annual tests are not expensive and can avoid failure of the battery backup occurring unexpectedly during mains power failure which, by Murphy’s Law, so often occurs at a most inconvenient time.

Why choose Advanced Power Care as your maintainer?

Advanced Power Care has years’ experience of supplying engineers for testing and installing batteries used in both telecommunication Switches and UPS of all sizes.

Below is a list of the most well-known customers and sites for whom we have provided services but there are many hundreds more I do not have the time or space to list.

We are very proud that during that time dealing with batteries, varying from individual blocs to many tonnes in weight and with voltages from 6 volts to 800 volts DC, our engineers have never had a reportable accident. This has been achieved by meticulous attention to our operational procedures and Risk Assessments. Add to that our very sensible pricing policy and we should be given full consideration to provide you with these critical services.

Existing and previous Customer List

Government: MOD sites, including MOD HQ Whitehall. Multiple RAF and USAF sites including RAF Strike Command and various Nuclear Bunkers. Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Police Forces across the UK including the PSNI.Many Hospitals and Council Offices.Retailers including Harrods, M&S, Sainsbury’s etc.Power Stations both Nuclear and Fossil fuel, Hundreds of small businesses.

Our experience guarantees the quality of our service

Our teams work nationwide

Our teams work nationwide

Franklin Grid Solutions Celltron Advantage CAD5500 test Kit

Franklin Grid Solutions Celltron Advantage CAD5500 test Kit

One of our Service Teams at Bristol Historic Docks

One of our Service Teams at Bristol Historic Docks

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