Yuasa SWL2500EFR VRLA Battery

by Yuasa

Important Note:

The SWL2500EFR has now been superceded by the SWL2500TFR.

If you have an existing string of SWL2500EFR and need to replace individual batteries in that string SWL2500EFR's may be available; please check availability with us at info@powercare.co.uk.

The EFR & TFR versions must not be mixed in the same string.

The SWL2500TFR is usually in stock for fast Delivery. Please call or e-mail to confirm availability if batteries are urgently required.

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EYUASA SWL2500TFR (Flame Retardant)

Voltage               12V
Capacity             90Ah
Weight                32Kg
Dimensions        305mm x 173mm x 220mm
Terminal             Female Thread  - M6
Lifespan             10 years
Type                   VRLA battery, rechargeable, highly efficient, leak proof and maintenance fee
Warranty             12 months 


Yuasa SWL2500TFR VRLA batteries can be used in any orientation excluding continuous use inverted.

FR option case material is flame retardant to UL94:VØ (oxygen index 30).

SWL batteries are manufactured in factories that comply with ISO9001:2000.

FR option SWL’s comply with BS6290 Part 4 (1997).

SWL batteries comply with IEC 60896-21+22.

Applications for SWL Series VRLA Batteries

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS systems)

High rate discharge applications.


Supplier Information

GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd GS Yuasa are one of the world’s largest global manufacturers of Lead-Acid and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. For over 30 years, GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd...

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