UPS & Telecom Switch Battery Replacement

by Advanced Power Care Ltd

A service to Install new batteries and dispose of scrap

Replacement of batteries in UPS systems of any size and AC or DC Telecom Switches - iSDX, Realitis, Hi-Com etc.

From Telecom Switches to large Data Centre Batteries.

Our day rate for installation work is £350.00/day

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The batteries used to support UPS systems in Datacentres and DC telecom Switches have a limited design life.

They can fail without noticable effect until a mains failure occurs and the UPS or Switch goes down. Annual checks are recommended and should batteries need replacement we provide that service for the cost of the batteries plus £350.00 per man day when completed during normal working hours.

One man day is sufficient for small battery Systems but our installation teams can replace batteries of any size. Our teams are experienced in installations of several thousand batteries. Contact us with details of your battery systems for a quotation.

Removal of all scrap from site is also included including Environment Agency specified consignment notes.

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Supplier of computer power products from quality manufacturers. Servicing of UPS and Telecomms battery systems.

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