Riello SEP 1000 1kVA single phase online UPS

by Riello

With 6 to 61 minutes Autonomy time options at full load

Riello Sentinel Pro 1000VA

3-Year Warranty

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Run Time Options:

Option 1: SEP1000 UPS = 6 mintes Autonomy

Option 2: SEP1000 UPS plus BB SEP 36-A3 Battery Cabinet = 18 minutes Autonomy

Option 3: SEP1000 UPS plus BB SEP 36-M1 Battery Cabinet = 30 minutes Autonomy

Option 4: SEP1000 UPS plus 2 x BB SEP 36-M1 Battery Cabinets = 61 minutes

Note - BB SEP 36-A3 Battery Cab Weighs: 12.2kg

          BB SEP 36-M1 Battery Cab Weighs: 19.3kg

See Promotional Flyer below for UPS and Battery Cabinet Sizes

Riello Sentinel Pro 1000VA

• Filtered, stabilised, reliable output voltage: on-line double-conversion technology (VFI in accordance with IEC 62040-3) with built-in EMI filters
• High overload capability up to 150%
• Programmable auto-restart when mains power returns
• Programmable cold-start from battery
• Power factor correction (UPS input power factor close to 1)
• Wide input voltage tolerance (from 120-280Vac) without battery usage
• Possibility to extend autonomy for several hours
• Fully configurable using UPS Tools configuration software
• High level of battery reliability (automatic and manually-activated battery tests)
• High level of UPS reliability (total microprocessor control)
• Low impact on the mains (sinusoidal absorption)
• Input protection with fuse which can be reset.


• Advanced communication, multiplatform, for all operating systems and network environments, Powershield3 supervision and shut-down software included for Windows 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, Linux, Mac
OS X, Sun Solaris and VMware ESX operating systems and other Unix operating systems
• UPS Tools configuration and personalisation software supplied as standard
• RS232 serial port and opto-isolated contacts
• USB port
• Slot for communication cards.

Supplier Information

Riello UPS offers a vast range of products, organised into 20 ranges of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS ), based on several different state-of-the-art technological...

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