Riello Sentryum Active UPS 10kVA S3T 10 ACT S2

by Riello

3 phase in - 3 phase out

11 minutes run time at Full Load

  • Footprint less than 0.35 m2 and volume of 0.33 m3  
  • 380mm x 850mm x 1025mm (W x D x H)  
  • 1 or 2 internal battery strings 
£3,531.00 excl. VAT In stock


  • Operating efficiency up to 96.5% (online mode) 
  • Delivers unity power factor (kVA = kW) 
  • High overload and short circuit capacity 
  • Large colour touchscreen display and LED status indicator  

Supplier Information

Riello UPS offers a vast range of products, organised into 20 ranges of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS ), based on several different state-of-the-art technological...

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