Remote monitored, Rack Mount Automatic Transfer Switch ATS 32A IEC60309 in, IEC309 16A out

by PDUexpert PDUeX

1U 16A ATS with IEC309 16A outlet and 2 x IEC60309 32A inputs

Remote Monitored Rack mount Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Total Current Monitoring. Delivers consistent power to single-corded equipment. The KWX ATS has dual input power cords supplying power to the connected load. In the event where the primary power source becomes unavailable, the KWX ATS will flawlessly source power from the secondary source without work connectivity, which allows for remote management via Web, SNMP or Telnet/SSH interfaces, and provides sensors recognition, ability to cascade up to 4 units, power factor recognition.

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Total Power Monitoring

2 x IEC60309 32A inputs, with IEC309 16A output

Optional: Temperature and humidity, smoke alarm
Water logging alarm, infrared alarm, and door alarm.

Monitor the total current, total kWh, input voltage. Monitor environment
Temperature, humidity, smoke. water logging, infrared motion sensor and door open.
Alarm settings: Total current over the limit, on the temperature limit, on the humidity limit, smoke alarm and water logging alarm, infrared motion alarm, door open alarm plus a dry connection for audible or visual alarm.

Supplier Information

PDUeXpert provides: Basic, Monitored, Switched and Per Outlet monitoring PDU. We are a leading provider of Intelligent PDU solutions for Data Centre and Server Room. Our aim is to offer to our...

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