Jacarta Portable IT Power Audit Kit V2

by Jacarta

Assess Rack Power Usage Quickly, Easily, Effectively!

What’s in the Case?

1 x iProbeZoom Power Usage Data Reader and Calibration Tool
1 x intelliAmp Current Sensor for 16A and 32A cables*
1 x intelliVolt Voltage Sensor with power lead
1 x RJ45 Cable to connect between intelliVolt or intelliAmp sensor
1 x IEC cable to connect intelliVolt to mains socket
Full instructions on USB Flash Drive
Jacarta Multi-Location User License

For Limited Companies and PLC’s this product is available for lease. For example over 3 years it would cost approximately £69.00 per month plus VAT. If this is of interest please see our ABOUT page for details

£1,904.00 excl. VAT In stock


The ‘IT Power Audit Kit’ is a highly portable power monitoring solution that enables you to collect power usage data quickly and easily around your data centre or server room. It provides a cost-effective intermediate solution to the implementation of a full-blown power monitoring system designed to collect data continuously. Both current and voltage readings can be derived from the intelliAmp and intelliVolt sensors via the iProbeZoom and recorded on a ‘spot-check’ basis. This enables you to gain a better understanding of the power draw of each of the racks in your data centre or server room and assess where power and cost savings can be made.

Supplier Information

Remote monitoring of data centres and server rooms is a vital component for maximising network uptime, reducing running costs and enhancing IT performance. Jacarta has been providing the IT...

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