DES 9150-00 12volt 3amp battery charger

DIN rail or chassis mount 12 and 24volt 3 & 5amp chargers

Option of 3 Amp and 5 Amp Battery Chargers that have been designed to be permanently connected to a battery, keeping it charged to maximum capacity.

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The chargers can be either mounted via DIN rail or to the chassis, using the fixing holes that are built into the case. The chargers stylish design includes an LED indicator on the front that shows when the charger is in a normal or overload condition.
The chargers will continue to operate during cranking and running. All chargers can accept multiple AC voltage connections.
The DSE battery chargers are expertly designed using high-grade components and capacitors allowing the units to function more efficiently, providing a longer and more reliable life-span than other chargers in their class. Their inbuilt robustness makes them ideal for the rigours of a wide variety of markets including heavy and light industrial environments.

Supplier Information

Deep Sea Electronics is one of the world’s top manufacturers of generator control, auto transfer switch and battery charger equipment. DSE employs over 120 people on four continents and...

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