CSB GP12260 VRLA Battery

by CSB Batteries


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CSB GP12260 VRLA Battery

Voltage               12V

Capacity             26Ah

Weight                8.45Kg

Dimensions        166mm x 174mm x 125mm

Terminal             Internal Threaded Bolt M5

Lifespan             3-5 years

Type                   VRLA battery, latest AGM battery technology, fully rechargeable and usable in any orientation, maintenance free

Warranty             12 months 


  • GP stands for General Purpose. This series is a modern hi-tech energy application product.
  • When it is used in safe surroundings the GP VRLA battery range is maintenance free
  • With an isolated seal, the battery can be used in any orientation, its safety and functions will not be affected.
  • Long life, low self-discharge rate and high reliability.
  • Cycle or standby (or float) use.
  • High rate discharge construction.
  • Deep discharge recoverability.
  • CSB batteries are strictly tested by patented CCDS system.
  • ISO9001, 14001 certified.
  • UL recognized components under UL 924 CSB file number MH14533.
  • Complies with IATA/ICAO Special Provision A67 for air transport.
  • Classified per MG Amendment 27 as a non-hazardous material for water transport.
  • Recognized by DOT as "Dry charge" 49 CFR 171-189 for surface transport.


Suitable for all standby applications including; Telecommunications, UPS Systems, Alarm Systems and Emergency Lighting. CSB GP & GPL VRLA batteries are available in 5 year (GP) and 10 year (GPL) models. 

CSB GP12260 VRLA Battery equivalent to the following batteries:

  • Rocket ES26-12
  • Enersys / Yuasa NP24-12
  • Powersonic PS12260
  • Panasonic LCL-12V24P
  • Wing ESL26-12
  • Portalac PE12V24A
  • B&B BP26-12
  • Sonnenschein A512/25 G5
  • Fiam FG22703
  • Yucell Y24-12I
  • DiaMec DM12-26
  • Universal Batteries UB12260
  • Full Force HGL24-12
  • Huanyu HYS12240
  • Vision CP12260 CP12240 CP12240S CP12240X CP12280S
  • Ultracell UC26-12 CB26-12

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As a leading global manufacturer of Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries, CSB's products are utilized in over 100 countries for telecommunications, UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), Solar,...

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