CRT200 1.5kVA - Line Interactive UPS

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CRT200-1.5kVA UPS System

Ideal for supporting critical equipment. An advanced UPS with a pure sinewave output

Features snapshot

Line interactive (VI) technology
Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
Automatic start
Intelligent monitoring software
Auto shut down in the event of a mains fail
Smart LCD display
USB connectivity
Inbuilt protection for modem & telephone
Pure sinewave output
PWM based controller

Developed as a compromise between offline (VFD) and online double conversion (VFI) technology, the CRT200 utilises digital line interactive technology with a digitised PWM-based controller. This produces a pure sinewave output, which makes it perfect for supporting critical equipment.

The CRT200 UPS includes an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) as standard, making the UPS enormously effective even in poor mains supply conditions. With its wide input voltage window the UPS regulates a precise output voltage without switching to battery power, even if the input voltage fluctuates by as much as 30% from normal.

UPS Dimensions:
146W x 397D x 205H


Supplier Information

Power Control Ltd (PCL) is a prominent and highly influential power protection specialist with over two decades of successful history in delivering solutions to a variety of market sectors....

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