Beta Multi-bank five way battery charger 6volt 4amp

by Exegon

Five output Beta Charger 230Vac 6 volt 4 Amp dc

The rugged steel case of the Beta range of battery chargers, along with the  many other features, make them ideal for cyclic and industrial type  applications.

4 week lead time


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Although these units can also be set for just standby or float  type charging. The low voltage start and 3 charging stages, including  proportional timing, make these units good at recovering batteries which have  been misused or  neglected during use. These chargers can be left connected  to the battery even when the mains is turned off without fear of flattening  the battery as there is no parasitic band. With the CE mark and EEC approvals  these battery chargers are "quality in a box".

The specification sheet below describes the individual chargers which are installed in the Multi-bank.

The Promotional Flyer describes the optional State of Charge indicator.

Supplier Information

A Wiltshire based British manufacturer of reliable and robust industrial battery chargers and charging solutions for various applications including; golf cart, wheel chair, motorcycle, UPS &...

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