Battery Charger 12volt 8 Amp 240Vac input

by Exegon

Exegon Pro-Duty Elite128 Battery Charger

Battery Charger for Lead Acid batteries (VRLA, AGM, Gel, flooded)

Output 12 volts dc 8 Amp -  Input 240Vac

Code: 01E2301208

4 week lead time

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Exegon Pro-Duty Elite128

The Elite range of chargers covers the medium current requirements in both 12 and 24 Volt models.


170L x 95W x 140H




• Microprocessor controlled
• Start routine includes self test
• Input voltage 220/240v 50Hz
• Output voltage 12v
• Output current 8A
• 3 stage charging, CC - CV - float
• Proportional timing, T/2 + 1hr
• 3 LED status indication
• Reverse polarity protection
• Rugged steel case
• Short circuit protection
• Independent overrun timer
• Soft start current control
• Zero parasitic current
• Powder coated mild steel case

Supplier Information

A Wiltshire based British manufacturer of reliable and robust industrial battery chargers and charging solutions for various applications including; golf cart, wheel chair, motorcycle, UPS &...

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