63A to 125A 3 pole AC External Isolator Bypass Panels

by RB1

Bypass Switches for UPS from 12 to 80kVA

 Part Number  Rating Poles (in/out)  Approx UPS rating
RB1-EMBS-63A-1P-ISO  63A  1p/1p  12kVA
RB1-EMBS-63A-31PISO-3S  63A  3p/1p  12kVA
RB1-EMBS-63A-3P-ISO  63A  3p/3p  40kVA
RB1-EMBS-63A-4P-ISO  63A  4p/4p  40kVA
RB1-EMBS-125A-1P-ISO  125A  1p/1p  25kVA
RB1-EMBS-125A-31P-ISP-3S  125A  3p/1p  25kVA
RB1-EMBS-125A-3P-ISO  125A  3p/3p  80kVA
RB1-EMBS-125A-4P-ISO  125A  4p/4p  80kVA
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All Panels 500w x 500h x 200d

Max cable rating is 35mm for all panels,Mains + Load, Neutral, Earth Connections are by lugs (6mm stud)

UPS in/out phase connections directly connect to the isolators.

*Check the manufacturers requirements before selecting an external bypass.

Supplier Information

RB1 specialize in the design and production of the best UPS external bypass panels, UPS DC Panels and bespoke electrical engineering. This is achieved by capitalizing on 20 years...

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