6 Way 1U Horizontal PDU - C13 IEC Individually Fused Outlets

by PDUexpert PDUeX


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6 Way Horizontal C13 IEC Individually Fused Power Distribution Unit


Manufactured to BS5733, UL, CSA, & VDE Components, Current rating 13A Operating voltage 250Vac. Earth bonded for total safety, compliant with RoHS.

  • Manufactured using IEC 320 C13 Individually Fused sockets
  • Set in black power coated mild steel metal work
  • Green illuminated double pole switch c/w switch cover
  • Horizontal mounting
  • Standard 3 meter cable

Input Plug Options:

Plug: 13A UK - Product Code: KWB-IEC6HINDFS13A
Plug: C14 IEC - Product Code: KWB-IEC6HINDFSC14
Plug: C20 IEC - Product Code: KWB-IEC6HINDFSC20
Plug: 16A Commando - Product Code: KWB-IEC6HINDFS16A
Plug: 32A Commando - Product Code: KWB-IEC6HINDFS32A

Others are available on request.

Supplier Information

PDUeXpert provides: Basic, Monitored, Switched and Per Outlet monitoring PDU. We are a leading provider of Intelligent PDU solutions for Data Centre and Server Room. Our aim is to offer to our...

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