4 output 12v 10Amp Battery charger

by Exegon

Flexi Battery charger with 4 outputs

A modular 4 output battery charger from the Flexi range with many advantages.

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The Flexi Charger Multibank range of chargers designed to be flexible to user needs in a busy workshop or multi battery environment.

SLA / Lithium combinations

The Flexi Multibank charger is made up of charger cells that can be used individually, in groups, or as a full combination. 1x Flexi Multibank charger will do the work of multiple separate chargers as well as heavy / rapid recharge as required

This Flexi Multibank charger has been designed to charge up to 4 batteries at once from one charger.

The output of the charger is electronically protected against short circuit, reverse polarity connection and deeply discharged batteries.


Width  132mm

Depth 245mm

Height 190mm (+45mm for handle)

Weight 5.7kg


Special Features

• Specific charging profiles with up to 8 phases

• Soft-start phase to protect against plate warp in deeply discharged batteries

• Automatic charge restart function used to maintain battery in fully charged state

• Cooling with load-dependent fan additional economy is gained by running fan in a temp dependant mode, not constant

• High frequency switching technology for best performance and efficiency

• LEDs to indicate operation and charging status

• Overload-, reverse polarity- and short circuit protection

• Power de-rating at elevated environmental temperature

• Wide range input 100-240V, 50-60Hz

• Over current control protection against high current demand during charging (e.g. engine start)

Supplier Information

A Wiltshire based British manufacturer of reliable and robust industrial battery chargers and charging solutions for various applications including; golf cart, wheel chair, motorcycle, UPS &...

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