4 channel inline power monitor 4 x C20 to 4 x C19 plus Environmental Monitoring

by PDUexpert PDUeX

1U 4 channel power monitor 4 x C20 inputs to 4 x C19 outlets

KWX In-Line Current Meter is the new generation inline power meters that simplify the management of power usage and environmental conditions in the data center. It combines environmental monitoring technology and provides real-time remote power consumption with total current load and voltage.

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Total Current Monitoring, KWX- Inline series can be added to existing basic pdu set up for Remote Current Monitoring, and can be accessed via LAN/WAN or over serial interface. KWX-N series is a remote monitor PDU with embedded multithreading inner core RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems), that supports multitask and multiuser access. The software supports various TCP/IP protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SNMP, TELNET, SSH, SMTP etc.
Provides: Sensors recognition, Ability to cascade up to 4units, 4 x C20 input and 4 x C19 output. easy to integrate to any NMS (Network Management Systems).
Alarm settings: Ability to set Total current limit, the temperature limit and on the humidity limit.
It offers: Monitor PDU Current Consumption, Monitor the total kWh, Power factor recognition, Monitor the input voltage, Dry connection.
Optional: Temperature and humidity, Smoke alarm, Water logging alarm, Infrared alarm, Door open alarm.

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PDUeXpert provides: Basic, Monitored, Switched and Per Outlet monitoring PDU. We are a leading provider of Intelligent PDU solutions for Data Centre and Server Room. Our aim is to offer to our...

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