Why choose Lithium?

Lithium-ion batteries manufactured by RELiON are the safer, more reliable way to meet your energy needs. Lead acid batteries are heavy and nowhere near as long lasting that their Lithium equivalents. With 10 times the life span at a fraction of lead acid batteries' weight, lithium-ion batteries are the battery of choice for many critical applications. With the largest stock in North America manufactured to meet the specifications of customers worldwide, RELiON is the global battery provider for all lithium requirements.

Lithium - Best for Marine Batteries

Sea going vessels demand a dependable battery that’s lightweight. Choose lithium-ion batteries to power all of your marine adventures. Whatever kind of vessel lithium-ion marine batteries give you the highest quality energy source for your money. No one wants to be stuck at sea with a dead marine battery, so the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries is vital to staying afloat. Choose a battery with benefits of

Dual Purpose


Faster Recharge


10 times the lifespan of lead acid competitors, at a fraction of the weight.

Where downtime is not an option

A Lithium Uninterrupted Power Source is the first choice.

Without an uninterrupted power source setup, operations, data and finances are on the line. Extended power failure hurts organizations and costs time and money. A lithium backup power solution is safer and lasts longer than lead acid, giving dependability. Choose RELiON lithium batteries for the uninterrupted power system to protect mission-critical loads:

Backup power when primary power supplies fail

Constant power for a selected autonomy time

Consistent voltage to ensure proper operation

Capable of meeting any uninterrupted power source and switchgear battery need with unparalleled service. Large systems are custom-designed to fulfil your voltage, duration and load specification requirements. 

Lithium for Golf Carts

Power Golf Carts with Lightweight Lithium-ion Batteries 

Whether you’re finishing up a round of golf or traveling across an industrial compound, switching to a lithium golf cart battery keeps your vehicle running longer. Select from RELiON’s vast stock of golf cart batteries for a long-lasting, eco-friendly energy solution. Since lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, your golf carts are able to go the distance at a higher speed. And, with an increased lifespan, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries save you the hassle of making yearly battery changes. Instead, your lithium golf cart batteries last more than a decade.

Make the investment in lithium golf cart batteries and enjoy your next 18 holes with ease.

Harness Solar Battery Power with Lithium-ion

Invest In Lithium and Embrace Green Energy

When you’re looking for green power solutions, choose lithium-ion solar batteries. If you have a solar energy system, but you’re not using a lithium-ion solar battery, your system is falling short of its eco-friendly potential. Maximize the energy from the sun and the lifespan of your battery by selecting a lithium-ion solar battery. Store solar energy from daylight in a lithium-ion battery for around-the-clock energy availability. Because lithium-ion batteries are a durable energy solution, you’re selecting a power system and a battery that are at the height of energy consciousness. 

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