KWX-N1 IP PDU Total Current Monitoring

Total Current Monitoring Intelliegent Power Distribution Unit 

N1 – PDU total power monitoring – Provides real time power consumption (current / voltage), total power (kW) used, apparent power and power factor.

KWX-N1 IP PDU Range:

  • Monitors total PDU Power consumption
  • Non switchable outlets
  • Surge protection (available on request)
  • Fused outlets for added protection (available on request)
  • Power factor recognition
  • Fuse status inspections for each outlet
  • Monitors for fuse breakages or when outlets can’t be controlled
  • Monitors the input voltage
  • Monitors the total current
  • Monitors the total kwh
  • Lockable IEC C13 outlets as standard

Sub Categories

16Amp Input 16Amp Input
Input Plug - 16Amp C20 or 16Amp Commando
32Amp Input 32Amp Input
Input Plug - 32Amp Commando

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