Yuasa (VRLA) batteries

Read the description of each battery type to aid your decision, check Facts about batteries for Lead Acid information. Prices shown are for single items. Contact us at sales@powercare.co.uk for possible quantity discounts.

Remember -we can install the new batteries and remove scrap batteries if required - see our Services section.


Sub Categories

Yuasa NP Range Yuasa NP Range
The NP battery is a general purpose 3 - 5 years design life battery used in UPS, emergency lighting, security etc....
Yuasa NPC Range Yuasa NPC Range
The NPC range is specifically designed for cyclic applications including: Wheelchairs, Golf Trolley, Lawn Mowers,...
Yuasa NPL Range Yuasa NPL Range
The NPL range offers up to double the life of the conventional NP range but is identical in size and so can be used...
Yuasa SWL Range Yuasa SWL Range
The SWL ultra high performance VRLA range has even more "High Rate" power for UPS applications - see specification...
Yuasa EN Range Yuasa EN Range
With 10 year (EN) and 15 year (ENL) models Yuasa Endurance range is the engineer's choice for critical, high...
Yuasa FXH Series Front Terminal Batteries Yuasa FXH Series Front Terminal Batteries
Front Terminal Batteries for Telecomms and UPS applications. These batteries are generally on a 12 weeks lead...
Yuasa - YUCEL budget batteries Yuasa - YUCEL budget batteries
Budget Battery Range equivelent to the NP range batteries

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