Advanced Power Care’s Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (IP PDU) Buyer's Guide

Specifying an IP PDU can be difficult and time consuming if the correct specification is to be assured. This is because of the large number of facilities and options available. This Buyer's Guide intends to simplify the process and ensure you receive an IP PDU which satisfies all your requirements. We also provide a useful “check list” on our IP PDU products page to assist with specifying the correct IP PDU.

Deciding on the basic requirements

Initially, decide what you need the IP PDU to achieve. We offer four varieties –

Type N1 – PDU’s which monitor the total current output drawn from the PDU.

Type N2 – PDU’s which monitor the total current output and the current from each individual output socket.

Type N3 – PDU’s which will monitor the total output current and provide remote switching of the individual outlet sockets.

Type N4 – PDU’s which will monitor the total output current, the individual output currents and provide remote switching of the outlet sockets.

Note: All four types of IP PDU include built in software to monitor up to 8 environmental sensors as standard – saving the expense of purchasing a separate environmental monitoring system.

It is then necessary to decide where the IP PDU will be supplied from. We offer the following input options:

-          13A UK Plug

-          IEC C20

-          16A IEC60309

-          32A IEC60309

-          16A IEC60309 3 phase

-          32A IEC60309 3 phase

All of these input options are complete with a 3 meter supply cable.

Finally, a decision has to be made on the quantity and type of socket outlets required. We offer the following options:

-          IEC C13 (10A) Lockable

-          IEC C13 (10A) Lockable and Fused

-          IEC C19 (16A)

-          13A UK socket

-          Schuko

At this point it is possible to decide whether the IP PDU should be horizontally or vertically mounted at the back of the rack. The number of outlets available on a horizontal IP PDU is, of course, limited by the width of the rack. Where large quantities of outlets are required vertical mounting will be the only option.

Review of Technical Specifications

All IP PDU’s have:

Embedded Environmental monitoring facility able to monitor up to 8 mixed sensors    

-          Temperature/Humidity

-          Smoke

-          Infrared motion

-          Water

-          Door closure

PDU software supports various TCP/IP protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SNMP, TELNET, SSH, SMTP etc.

All C13 outlets are Lockable to prevent accidental disconnection.

Switchable outlets can be sequentially operated.

See PDU specification sheet for full details.

Typical Horizontal IP PDU

Typical Horizontal IP PDU

Typical Vertical IP PDU

Typical Vertical IP PDU



20 way IEC C13 outlets on Horizontal IP PDU

20 way IEC C13 outlets on Horizontal IP PDU

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