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Battery Monitoring Today

15 Sep 2016

UPS Battery Monitoring now costs no more than routine maintenance, in fact even less over the life time of the battery, so those responsible for the maintenance budget should seriously consider its many advantages.

Maintaining Data Centre UPS batteries typically costs approximately £65.00/bloc/year whether you employ the services of a battery maintenance organisation or install monitoring.

However, monitoring provides a far better return, so let’s consider the benefits.

The obvious one is that monitoring provides 24/7 visibility of battery health rather than the six monthly spot checks which are the norm with engineer visits. As well as ensuring the operational reliability of the battery, action can be taken immediately; avoiding other batteries in the system being degraded resulting in a reduction in the life of the system.

Monitoring operates continuously without disrupting operations. Engineer visits need careful planning, permits to work, RAMS and possible supervision whilst on site. Health and Safety becomes a big issue as engineers have to lean into high voltage batteries to record their results.

Accuracy is another advantage of a fixed monitoring system where readings are always taken from the same connection on the battery. Visiting engineers may be using different test equipment, usually with Kelvin probes or clamps and possibly connecting to different positions on the battery terminals. Because the ohmic readings across batteries are so low quite significant variations can occur.

Some battery monitoring systems can also provide some control over battery condition by equalising battery voltages, which is proven by experience to extend battery life.

So why not take another look at battery monitoring to assess the financial advantage to be gained, the improved battery reliability and the ROI from extended battery life. Be sure to use an experienced and accredited supplier to ensure an effective and satisfactory installation using a quality product.

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