Advanced Power Care - the one-stop online shop for UPS, batteries and related products.

Advanced Power Care is an online shop designed to reduce the complication of purchasing UPS, batteries and related products. We don’t offer a huge range of manufacturers because after 21 years of installing, testing and maintaining UPS and batteries we know which offer the best results. We believe a product is of good quality if it works well, for a long time and without problems; but the price also has to be right.

In this shop you will find UPS (Uninterruptible Power supply), UPS replacement batteries,  PDU's (power distribution units), emergency lighting batteries, batteries for security systems, mobility vehicles, energy storage and many other applications.


In partnership with System Rentals, Advanced Power Care offers Limited Companies and PLC’s the option of leasing many of our products because purchasing new equipment for a business can be a substantial investment – and one that many companies may put off as long as possible.

Buying equipment outright soaks up vital working capital or bank borrowings, severely restricting financial agility – and because it’s a bitter pill to swallow, it sometimes seems easier to “make do”.

Leasing with System Rentals provides a flexible and modern solution.

Simple to arrange and immensely cost effective, it allows you to benefit from the equipment you need here and now by paying affordable rentals. That way you retain your capital and you keep your bank finances in reserve for when there isn’t a realistic alternative.

Outdated or obsolete UPS equipment can be inefficient and, even more importantly, unreliable. Not having a UPS can prove disastrous. Our finance options can be applied to many of our products, you can schedule payments to suit your budget and you don’t even have to pay a deposit!

About System Rentals

Advanced Power Care works with System Rentals Ltd who have been at the forefront of equipment leasing since the mid 1980’s.

System Rentals are hugely flexible, operating as a one-stop shop resource that answers all your needs for computer power and test equipment from Advanced Power Care. Their tailor made contracts provide a choice of term and payment frequency to suit your budget.

When leasing our UPS systems you can spread the cost of every part of the installation, any initial training, software and peripherals resulting in one simple affordable payment that covers all. Similarly for battery test equipment you could include accessories and spare probes.

Moreover, you will find that System Rentals leasing solutions come backed with friendly and reliable service. The experienced team will be able suggest the best finance options.

Call us now for details on 07795 456755 or System Rentals Ltd on 0844 225 2021

We also provide monitoring products including power monitoring, battery monitoring and environmental monitoring.

We don’t just exist in Cyber Space! We are real people who have been supplying UPS and batteries for many years.

So whatever you need get in touch, either by phone or our contact form – we are here to assist!

Our offices are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday; the shop is open 24/7!

All of the products we offer come from Manufacturers with the highest standards. These will include ISO9001 Quality Management, ISO14001 Environmental Management, Investors in People etc.

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