Advanced Power Care - the one-stop online shop for UPS, batteries and related products.

Advanced Power Care is an online shop designed to reduce the complication of purchasing UPS, batteries and related products. We don’t offer a huge range of manufacturers because after 21 years of installing, testing and maintaining UPS and batteries we know which offer the best results. We believe a product is of good quality if it works well, for a long time and without problems; but the price also has to be right.

In this shop you will find UPS (Uninterruptible Power supply), UPS replacement batteries,  PDU's (power distribution units), emergency lighting batteries, batteries for security systems, mobility vehicles, energy storage and many other applications.

We also provide monitoring products including power monitoring, battery monitoring and environmental monitoring.

We don’t just exist in Cyber Space! We are real people who have been supplying UPS and batteries for many years.

So whatever you need get in touch, either by phone or our contact form – we are here to assist!

Our offices are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday; the shop is open 24/7!

All of the products we offer come from Manufacturers with the highest standards. These will include ISO9001 Quality Management, ISO14001 Environmental Management, Investors in People etc.

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