Generex BACS System

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BACS - Battery Analysis & Care System
Monitoring, control and alarm system for UPS battery systems

With patented Voltage balancing.

The BACS (Battery, Analyse and Care System) provides the three most important parameters as well as equalizing/balancing each battery. It also provides an integrated double galvanic isolated measuring cable with integrated fuse. It is the safest and most powerful BMS system in the market- with extra functions! BACS is the exclusive product which uses a voltage balancing technology which was described the first time in 2001. The technology is also known as “Equalizing“ in the European market, and in the North American market the technology is known as “Balancing“.

In such scientific papers of 2001 it is described that there is an effect of 10% longer life cycle and 20% higher battery capacity, but such studies were only covering 2-3 years. Generex customers have been using this technology in our BACS system for the past 10 years – with much better results! Our field experiences show that the life cycle is at least 30% higher.

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In 1993, GENEREX SYSTEMS Computervertriebsgesellschaft mbH was established in Hamburg. Since its founding, Generex has grown to become the world-largest OEM producer of shutdown and monitoring...

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