Emergency Belt Refil Pack - BELT NOT INCLUDED

For emergency first aid following a small chemical splash

Refil Pack for Emergency Belt

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Refil Pack for emergency belt

2 x LIS/SIEW Eyewash bottles of 50ml with ergonomically eye-shaped top.

1 x MICRO DAP Portable spray of 100ml.

Each 50ml individual eyewash makes it possible to decontaminate 1 eye.

Use within the first 10 seconds following the accident for optimal efficacy.

Single use product use total contents.

The MICRO DAP is for small chemical spashes to the skin (palm/cheek)

Use within first minute following the accident for optimal efficacy.

Single use products. Use total contents.

Shelf life for each product is 2 years from date of manufacture.

Supplier Information

DIPHEX Limited, although only established in 2008, is managed by personnel with over 25 years experience in The Health and Safety Industry and 12 years addressing the various issues related to...

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