Diphoterine acid and chemical splash neutraliser

Box of 10 x 50ml Eyewash

Diphoterine® Solution is a unique solution for the Emergency First Aid decontamination of chemical splashes in the eyes or on the skin.

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An individual, portable eyewash with an ergonomically designed eye-shaped top, that must be placed for immediate use.

Can be belt worn making it ideal for maintenance staff, lone workers or personnel working on height, in isolated areas or confined spaces with limited access.

Each individual eye wash unit makes it possible to decontaminate x1 eye.

Use within the first 10 seconds following the accident for optimal efficiency

Single use product

Use total contents

Shelf Life - 2 Years from date of manufacture

Diphoterine® Solution is an aqueous, polyvalent, washing solution that is highly effective against all kinds of corrosive and irritant chemicals.

  • Diphoterine® Solution is an amphoteric, chelating molecule with at least one site able to rapidly and effectively absorb and neutralise the aggressive chemical molecule to prevent the 6 possible reactions (acids, bases, oxidizers, reducing agents, solvents, chelating agents)


Diphotérine® Solution attracts the chemical product in contact with the tissue

The acid site of Diphotérine® Solution fixes and then inactivates the bases

The basic site of Diphotérine® Solution fixes and then inactivates the acid.

  • Diphoterine® Solution is hypertonic which, when applied to the eye or the skin, creates an osmotic pressure that attracts the aggressive chemical that may have already penetrated into the tissue, neutralises its aggressive action and carries it safely away.


It is by the combination of these properties that Diphoterine® Solution is uniquely able to achieve the three elements demanded for effective Emergency First Aid of a chemical splash:

  • Removal of chemical from the surface of the tissue.
  • Absorption and neutralisation of the aggressive chemical molecule remaining on the tissue surface.
  • Attraction, absorption and neutralisation of the aggressive chemical molecule already penetrating the tissue.


  • *IMPORTANT (It has limited efficacy on Hydrofluoric Acid – please use Hexafluorine® Solution)

Supplier Information

DIPHEX Limited, although only established in 2008, is managed by personnel with over 25 years experience in The Health and Safety Industry and 12 years addressing the various issues related to...

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