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Sometimes you just need to know!

11 Aug 2016

Batteries are often used in very critical applications and it’s important to be sure that they have the capacity to fulfil their designed function.

This is true of batteries at various stages during their life but also to ensure new batteries about to be installed do not have defects or sulphation leading to reduced capacity.

One way to test capacity and clear sulphation is to complete a discharge/recharge cycle.

This can be easily completed using a battery discharger such as the BASSI Discharger/Analyser. This is a fully automatic, compact and portable discharger with an integrated data logger, USB PC interface and free TrendCOM software for data acquisition and analysis.

Using the discharger does not need training and set up is achieved in a couple of minutes after which operation is fully automatic.

It’s great to be assured that the battery being installed is in good condition and the test can be repeated at sensible periods during the life of the battery.

After the discharge the battery must, of course, be recharged prior to installation or reuse and it’s important to ensure that the charger uses the correct charge cycle.

For customers without the facility to carry out these tests Advanced Battery Care is pleased to offer battery “qualification” as a service. When providing this service, we employ additional methods to ensure battery quality and together with the discharge test we complete an electrochemical analysis of the battery to ensure any sulphation present has been removed. We also recharge using intelligent chargers to achieve the manufacturers recommended charge regime.

Detailed information on the Bassi Discharge/Analyser and our “battery qualification” services are available in our web shop at www.powercare.co.uk

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