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Experiencing problems with UPS batteries?

10 May 2016

We can't say we're suprised!

Let’s just think about it. We have a battery and are not sure of its condition; we need to know, so what can be done to assess if it’s good or not. We can’t see inside – it’s just a plastic box with two terminals – and if we open it, we’ll destroy it.

We take it to a laboratory and get a scientist to analyse it. How will he do it; what method will he use? Most likely he would attach it to his Frequency Response Analyser; in the UK probably one from Solatron Analytical as is commonly used in battery research.

One thing is for sure; he would not just measure the resistance of the battery then attempt to use that simplistic parameter to inform us of the condition!

But; wait a minute; isn’t that exactly what the vast majority of those responsible for UPS battery management are willing to do; accept the results of a basic impedance test to determine battery condition?

At Advanced Battery Care (ABC) our battery management consists of an Electrochemical Analysis, using the same Frequency Response Analysis technique as is conventional in the laboratory. We don’t believe that a simple measurement of the resistance, conductance, impedance – whichever way it’s described - is sufficient to make a judgement regarding a complex electrochemical device such as a battery.

What’s more, knowing what’s happening within the battery can facilitate changes which restore battery condition thereby extending the reliable operating life and achieving an often substantial ROI for our customers.

At ABC we manage batteries and do all we can to achieve maximum reliable battery life; isn’t that how your batteries should be managed?

Call us on 01672 520895 to discuss using our superior battery management technology.

There’s nothing to lose, but probably a lot to gain!

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